Sunday, 23 October 2016

Temple of soft warm cosy DOOM!

There's a lot wrong with the world, not least of all the amplifying of its concerns by a media who thrive off peddling foreboding and suspicion. I don't have stocks but now is a good time to invest in 'Myth Perpetuation Inc' and maybe a time share at the newly refurbished, 'Extreme Views'. 
Any sense of community can now be found watered down on aisle six of the all encompassing pile it high-permarket. Why have cotton, when you have silk? Why have pride and respect, when you can have mass produced greed at half the price? Why take the bus when you can drive fear home? 
Information sharing has never been easier, so dodging the daily doom laden arse twoddle has become a skill in itself. There's never been a better time to curl up on the sofa and hide until all the noise and hysteria blows itself out much like the hugely overpriced fireworks currently on sale. Ooh! nice metaphor!! 
What is a metaphor? is it one better than a metathree? A 'meta' sounds metric so how many do you get to the pound?
With the tabloids promising mass extinction everyday, Frank has taken to hiding under pillow forts for some much needed R&R (rest and ripping holes in the furniture). 
It's tough growing up where you're fed everyday and someone else cleans up your poop. Those flies won't annoy themselves and anything small and round won't naturally migrate to under the sofa where it belongs. Being a young cat in today's hectic world is tiring alright without all the other capers going on beyond the front door. 
I'm going to take a leaf out of Frank's well chewed book and not watch all the hyperbole and rhetoric filled news today in favour of going outside and actually meeting people and embracing their cultures with a view to expand my own horizons in order to become a better human being. 
Actually, sod that, it's raining again. Pillow fort anyone?

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